Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Characteristics of quantitative and qualitative research


What is the nature
of reality?

Reality is objective and singular, separate from the researcher.Reality is subjective and multiple, as seen by participants in the study.

What is the relationship of the researcher to what is being researched?

Researcher is independent from what is being researched.Researcher interacts with what is being researched.

What is the relationship between facts and values?

Facts are value-free and unbiased.Facts are value-laden and biased.

What is the language of research?


What is the process of research?

 Cause and effectMutual simultaneous shaping of factors
 Static design - categories isolated before the studyEmerging design -categories identified during research process
 Generalisations leading to prediction, explanation and understandingPatterns and theories developed for understanding
 Accurate and reliable through validity and reliabilityAccurate and reliable through verification
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